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Sticker to go in the porch, with a picture of your dog

Have a sticker to go in the porch, with a picture of your dog and text of your choice. This one of Milo is about 200mm x 130mm

Happy grandparents - just send us a photo! Have the same on a fridge magnet
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Lavender Touch - aromatherapy in cancer care
Some disabled drivers wish to leave a note when unable to park due to inconsideration - these stick outside the glass
Ideal for the disabled who need space for a wheelchair
We've done several villa ads like this at
SomnoGuard® could be the snoring remedy you need for the family's sleep disturbance

We’ve been making these stickers for some years now for a wide variety of customers - some want just one sticker; others want a couple of hundred for a club or company car park passes. We are able to handle small jobs by keeping the production simple. They are inkjet printed to high quality paper which is then cut and processed into an adhesive flexible clear plastic laminate.. The tacky side is revealed by peeling away a protective paper. Only for use inside the glass facing out. Maximum length for these is 28cm.

As a one-off a sticker will be £9.95p but much cheaper when we do more - please email for prices with details of what you’d like on your stickers.

We do many orders of around 100 off but if you need several hundred or thousands we’re not the people for you

We’ll be happy to discuss your needs by phone if necessary, but we avoid publishing the number in the first instance to avoid too many disturbances whilst actually making signs!

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I am the star IMG_0232b
Aspivenin from for insect bites and stings